Hospitality since 1906

Located at 4 Place de la Navigation, in the heart of Ouchy, the Hôtel Aulac occupies a splendid building that was built in 1906 by the architect Francis Isoz. This edifice is a withness of the architectural heritage of Lausanne!

What used to be the Hotel du Parc has become in 1975 the Hotel Aulac. Behind its magnificent Belle Epoque façade "CDM Hotels & Restaurants SA" directed by Reto de Mercurio, leads a very nice 3-star hotel with 150 beds, a restaurant-brasserie, the terraces and its banqueting and conference rooms. Under the leadership of Jean-Philippe Fleury, the Hôtel Aulac has been continuously adapted to the needs and requirements of its guests.

Famous personality

Dr. Felix Hoffmann was staying there for 17 years from 1929 - 1946. He synthesized acetylsalicylic acid and became in this way the inventor of aspirin.

Hotel du Parc 1906
Hotel du Parc 1906


Hotel Aulac
Place de
la Navigation 4
CH - 1006 Lausanne

+41 21 613 15 00

+41 21 613 15 15

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